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Juniata Valley Council, BSA has been partnered with the Centre Gives program of the Centre Foundation since 2012- – and we’ve generated over $350,000 with them over that time!  Wow, what a boon to our council!  Through generous supporters and with the advantages of Centre Gives we have received over $63,000 in each of the last three years!

Now, as the 2024 campaign gears up we’d like to invite you to play a part.  Whether you may be a potential new donor, or a consistent friend of Scouting, this is an opportunity we urge you to consider this year!

What Gives with Centre Gives?

Donating to the Juniata Valley Council through Centre Gives its a great idea – simple and convenient – AND – your gift will grow through the program.  Each dollar that you donate enables us to receive a greater share of the $200,000 stretch pool and $100,000 bonus stretch pool provided by Centre Foundation and the Hamer Foundation. The more we raise during Centre Gives, the larger our portion of the stretch pools will be. We have a chance to raise even more with the various prize options!  YOUR dollars will generate PLUS dollars for our council!

Simple and Convenient?

Yes!  Centre Gives is a fund-raising program that operates solely on the web, and only for a short time annually.  Donors log in, select their non-profit, enter the amount of the donation and the credit card information.  Done!  No dinners! No speeches! No committee meetings!  Just a few minutes on the internet and you receive the satisfaction of having done something good in your community.


Yes – you!  Every donation helps – every donation.  The minimum donation is $10 – and that ten dollars grows the pot which makes it worth more than the original ten!  

But I don’t live in Centre County?!

While the host is based in Centre County, the benefit is to all of the Scouts of the Juniata Valley Council.  You will have the opportunity to specify that your contribution should be credited to a specific district or event…for example the Oneida District Friends of Scouting campaign, or to the Golf Tournament or to the Scout Camp Alumni Association – or to general funds – – this is not a Nittany District fundraiser, its is a council fundraiser headquartered in Centre County!

Next steps!

Centre Foundation’s 36-hour online giving event is set to begin on  May 8 at 8:00 am and conclude on May 9 at 8:00 pm. This event is designed to support the great work of local nonprofits serving Centre County.

We will be in touch again soon with more details, but we’d like you to start thinking about Scouting and the positive impact that it has had on you, your family or your community.  What value can you place on the Scouting experience for this generation, past generations and future generations?  What level of donation fits your budget and then gets expanded by the program?  If that value is ten dollars or more, we hope that you’ll join us in this opportunity!


If you have any questions or concerns about this program and Scouting, please contact Jeff Pickett.  If you would like more information about the Centre Gives program, you can check it out here: